Rated 3.0

A well-to-do executive (Idris Elba) finds he’s being stalked by the new office temp (Ali Larter), but he doesn’t think anything about it until it gets out of hand, jeopardizing his relationship with his wife (Beyoncé Knowles). David Loughery’s script starts out credible and rather subtle; we see (and cringe at) the hero’s mistakes, even as we see his (relatively) innocent intentions. Somewhere past the halfway point, however, Loughery throws subtlety to the winds, and by the time Christine Lahti comes along (playing a police detective), the melodrama is going full throttle, culminating in a crowd-pleasing girl fight between Knowles and Larter sure to get the crowd yelling for blood. Steve Shill directs with featureless efficiency, and performances are convincing for as long as the script will allow.