Not their president

Hundreds protest election of Donald Trump throughout Sacramento

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This is probably not what Donald J. Trump meant by uniting the country.

Several days of local protests against the president-elect culminated Sunday with Sacramento’s most energized showing yet, when hundreds of demonstrators briefly clogged the on-ramp to Interstate 80 during their march from McClatchy Park to Sutter’s Fort.

The November 13 rally drew an estimated 800 people and followed days of widespread and unprecedented protests both in Sacramento and beyond, as much of the nation recoiled at the election of a real estate mogul who demonized, among others, women, immigrants and minorities on his path to claim America’s highest office.

Trump has already followed through on early divisive comments by committing to deport up to three million immigrants and roll back Wall Street regulations, as well as by stocking his transition team and cabinet with a climate change denier and a white nationalist.

In a statement released the morning of Sunday’s local protest, organizer Mackenzie Wilson had this to say about Trump, who edged out Democrat Hillary Clinton thanks to the electoral college but lost the popular vote:

“The leader of the ’free world’ is also the poster child for everything that’s wrong with it. He can be called ignorant, a misogynist, a racist, an elitist, a perpetuator of white supremacy and so much more. The solution is educate, agitate and mobilize. We fix it by building a movement that demands something different than what we have been given. Donald Trump is not my president, but he is the catalyst for the start of our revolution.”

At press time, more than 950 Facebook users expressed interest or committed to attending another anti-Trump rally set for Friday at the state Capitol.

Local organizers are also planning a Sacramento womens’ march to coincide with the January 21 post-inauguration Million Woman March in Washington, D.C.