Not of this world

Dr. Richard Boylan

Photo By Larry Dalton

There’s a Star Seed growing inside of me. It may have been sowed eons ago, when the Star Visitors first began manipulating the human genetic code. Or perhaps it was planted in 1967, when as a grade-school student I witnessed an unidentified flying object streaking across the sky in broad daylight. Did the Star Visitors abduct me then, cultivate the substance of my being and subsequently erase any memory of the experience?

No one in the Sacramento area is more qualified to explore such mysteries than internationally renowned ufologist and author Dr. Richard Boylan. We caught up with Boylan at his Placerville home, where he has conducted research on human contact with the Star Visitors for the past decade, interviewing hundreds of local people who believe they may have had a close encounter with something not of this world.

How are Star Seeds disseminated?

Let me preface that with a short history of the human race. We’re all hybrids. About 375,000 years ago, the Star Visitors came down, took the available upright primate, spliced in a few of their own genes for intelligence, dexterity and a larger brain case, and voilà! We had Homo sapiens. That experiment was allowed to go 150,000 years or so. The Star Visitors saw that humans were still violent and aggressive, so they came down and did a second splicing, that is Homo sapiens sapiens. Then we get up to 1945 to 1947, when they saw that human development was moving much more rapidly with technology arenas than it was in the moral and spiritual arenas. We were smart enough to develop the atomic bomb and dumb enough to drop them and take out whole cities. They said, whoa, there’s a radical imbalance here; the recipe needs more work. Previously, they’d worked on upgrading just a few individuals. After that, they determined the whole race needed an upgrade and began working more industriously.

How can people determine if they’ve been contacted by the Star Visitors?

It takes several forms. Sometimes they find psychic abilities erupting forth, and they’re trying to find why this is, and why it’s happening now when they’ve been around for a while. I also get a lot of parents who notice this in their kids, and they want to make sense of this. Some people have encounters with Star Visitors who tell them that they are at least partially from another world—in other words, the genetic material inside of them is not 100 percent human. A number of people have breakthrough memories of a previous incarnation on another planet, often not even looking humanoid, but distinctly different. That’s a wake-up call.

What sort of psychic abilities are we talking about?

I have a Star Kids/Star Seeds questionnaire on my Web site ( with 54 items. One thing that almost everybody notices is mental telepathy. The Star Kids are much stronger with this ability than us older Star Seeds. One of the things that’s more mundane is that sometimes people go under one of those orange sodium streetlights, and the light goes out. There’s a bioelectric magnetic field around all living things. With regular humans, the field extends about a foot from the body. With Star Seeds and Star Kids, it extends out several yards.

How has the government’s ongoing UFO coverup disrupted your work?

To start with, when I did a recognizance of Area 51 back in 1995, I saw human-manufactured anti-gravity craft test flights and had my tire shot out by the guards. I wasn’t even inside the boundaries of Area 51. When I began going very public with my work with “experiencers,” they arranged for the local licensing boards to pull my psychologist and clinical social-worker licenses so I couldn’t work, and do a smear job on me on top of that.

Any last words for the UFO skeptics?

I have a friend in El Dorado [Hills] who talked to Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin. He told her contrary to what NASA says, he’s one astronaut who’s seen a UFO out in space. He knows that they’re real and that they’re here, close by. Then of course, there’s Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell. He gave an interview in London 10 years ago that would have been a jaw-dropper if it had appeared in The New York Times. He says they’re here, they’re meeting with people in our government and we need to get use to the idea that this is very real.