Not Another Teen Movie

Rated 1.0 This crude, lewd and lame comedy is an attempt to lampoon recent high school flicks the way that Scary Movie did the slasher genre. The task at hand is as needless and inherently futile as trying to parody the World Wrestling Federation League. High school artist (Chyler Leigh) is classified as a social untouchable for wearing eyeglasses, a ponytail and paint-splashed overalls. The school star jock (Chris Evans) makes a bet to turn her into a prom queen and we are force-fed a string of flat jokes and homages involving virgin freshmen, incest between siblings, same-sex kissing, alcoholic Vietnam veterans and pastry sex. In one of the production’s most weary sequences, Molly Ringwald (Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club) shows up to critically baste her own past films.