Nobody Likes a Quitter (and Other Reasons to Avoid Rehab): The Loaded Life of an Outlaw Booze Writer

Dan Dunn

Wine and spirits writer Dan Dunn will be the first to admit that he drinks more than he should. He loves his “nectar from the gods” and shares the boozed-out debacle that is his life in this new book. Dunn is a constantly-plastered, womanizing smartass who’s, unfortunately, funny. He recounts a double life as a part-time bum and part-time high-class partier. Note: He’s got a disclaimer in the first few pages stating that nothing in this book can be taken seriously due to memory impairments caused by his constant drunkenness. Not only does he recount his many escapades in hopes of justifying his drinking, but expect to be schooled in booze mixing, hangover cures and even some history of his beloved liquor.