Night School

Rated 2.0

Seventeen years after dropping out of high school, a “sales associate” in a dead-end job (Kevin Hart) decides to go back to night school to earn his GED. His class is a mixed bag: a frustrated housewife (Mary Lynn Rajskub), a wacked-out conspiracy theorist (Romany Malco), a gung-ho dork (Rob Riggle), etc., all presided over by a super-sassy teacher (Tiffany Haddish), with the school principal being Hart’s old high school nemesis (Taran Killam). With six writers (including Hart) and Malcolm D. Lee’s call-action-and-step-next-door-for-coffee direction, the movie can hardly help being what it is: a half-baked, disconnected parade of gags and undeveloped episode ideas. That said, the gags are funny often enough to get by. Rajskub steals the show as a harried mom insisting on how “blessed” she is.