Next Day Air

Rated 2.0

A stoned-out deliveryman (Donald Faison) delivers a large box to the wrong apartment—and sets off a deadly game of hide-and-seek over the huge stash of cocaine hidden inside. Writer Blair Cobbs and the appropriately named director Benny Boom try for the reckless energy of Guy Ritchie movies such as Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, with only middling results. There are flashes of irreverent, profane humor, especially between Faison and Mos Def as a fellow stoner, and Mike Epps and Wood Harris as inept lowlife bandits, but the story, for all Cobbs’ flashing back and forth in time, is even thinner than it looks, and the characters are an oppressive parade of unsavory and unlikable losers. You may laugh at times at the mordant comedy, but you’ll probably be disgusted with yourself afterward.