Never grow up

With the Grownup Noise, it’s never complicated.

With the Grownup Noise, it’s never complicated.

The Grownup Noise will perform with Blisses B and Sacramento’s Be Brave Bold Robot on Saturday, August 21, at 9 p.m.; $5; Naked Lounge Downtown, 1111 H Street;

Naked Lounge Downtown

1111 H St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 443-1927

Nailing down the sound of Boston-based group the Grownup Noise is not easy. It’s indie, a little bit folky and somewhat poppy, with a garnish of jazz. Their instrumentation features the usual suspects—guitar, bass, drums, keys—as well as a few unusuals: cello and accordion. Despite this extended family of instruments and the cross-genre shuffling, what the group does nail down is simplicity. The Grownup Noise is anything but grown-up; its music and lyrics are uncomplicated, charming, almost elementary and completely relaxing. No member outshines another, and the vocals don’t disappear behind overpowering instrumentation. The sound is, simply put, clear, like a kindergarten puzzle.

The Grownup Noise is embarking on its fifth national tour. The members used to tour in a “veggie van”—a diesel van converted to run on recycled vegetable oil that left them smelling like french fries. Yum. Unfortunately, it broke down. Now they’re just traveling with minimal luggage in a super small van. Yep, simple.