Nerd up!

Comic, Toy & Anime Show

You won’t be able to swing a bat’leth (that’s Klingon for “sword of honor”) without hitting a nerd of some sort at Sac Con: Sacramento’s Comic, Toy & Anime Show. Highlights include a guest appearance by Suzie Plakson, an actress guaranteed to make your heart(s) beat faster, no matter how many you have. Plakson has the honor of having portrayed at least four species on various incarnations of the Star Trek series: an Andorian on Star Trek: Enterprise; a member of the Q Continuum on both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager; a Vulcan on Next Generation; and her most famous role as Worf’s mate, K’Ehleyr, on Next Generation. Oh, and for non-Trekkers, there’s some chick from a reality show and a guy who writes for SpongeBob SquarePants coming, too. Plus, a costume contest. Sac Con; 10am-5pm, Sunday, March 9; Scottish Rite Center, 6151 H Street; $6;