My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Rated 2.0

Regular guy Luke Wilson takes up with a mousy woman (Uma Thurman), who turns out to be the superheroine G-Girl. When he decides he needs more “space,” she turns from saving humanity to wrecking his life—parking his car in orbit, throwing a live shark through his bedroom window and stuff like that. The stars are likeable, but the characters they play aren’t; Wilson comes off as a shallow oaf, while Thurman is a clinging, neurotic shrew. Director Ivan Reitman and his cast manage some scattered laughs, but the humor turns sour in the hell-hath-no-fury misogyny of writer Don Payne’s script; it’s nasty and unpleasant, straight from the Hollywood chapter of the He-Man Woman-Hater’s Club. With no one to like or root for, we are reduced to simply hoping the innocent bystanders can stay out of the way.