My Baby’s Daddy

Rated 1.0 Three footloose bachelors (Eddie Griffin, Anthony Anderson and Michael Imperioli) have to grow up when their girlfriends (Paula Jai Parker, Bai Ling and Joanna Bacalso, respectively) have babies. This low-budget, low-class stinker rehashes the poop-and-pee-pee jokes of Three Men and a Baby, adding two more babies and cranking the intelligence level down about 50 IQ points—all to reach the stunning insight that being a parent is very, very important. Director Cheryl Dunye reportedly has expressed dissatisfaction with the finished film, and well she might, but where was she when it was being shot? It’s ugly and cheap looking, with Toronto making an unconvincing stand-in for Philadelphia. And any filmmaker who did to African-Americans what this movie does to Koreans would never work again.