Rated 3.0

A “risk management consultant” (Kate Mara) arrives at a scientific lab to evaluate her company’s latest secret experiment: an organism generated from artificial DNA that, in only five years, has developed to the point where it looks for all the world like an 18-year-old woman (Anya Taylor-Joy)—but one as volatile and unpredictable as nitroglycerin. The movie has a good cast—Rose Leslie, Toby Jones, Michelle Yeoh, Paul Giamatti—though Mara and Taylor-Joy have the most to do and make the strongest impressions. There’s a sleek and sterile look to it that makes it cold and slightly repellent, but it holds our interest, albeit without building much suspense. Director Luke Scott telegraphs the climactic twist in Seth W. Owen’s script so clearly that we almost ignore it, thinking it’s just a red herring. J.L.