Rated 3.0 Florida freeway prostitute Aileen Wuornos spent 12 years on death row before being executed in October 2002 for hitching rides with, and then murdering, six of her johns. Writer-director Patty Jenkins now exhumes Wuornos’ story with both startling and rather negligible results. We slither into Wuornos’ young adult life as she contemplates suicide under a freeway overpass. She enters into a lesbian affair and supports the relationship by hooking. When one of her tricks turns violent, she begins a killing spree that Jenkins deciphers as the oozing infection and daisy-chain reaction of child abuse. Actress Charlize Theron’s physical and emotional transformation into America’s first female serial killer is astonishing, but the film provides little revelation in a world where life is altered by chance meetings and a vicious cycle of Catch-22s, and one woman is smeared with guilt for things over which she had no control.