Mon, nov 16, Fancie

John Natsoulas Gallery, 8 p.m., donation

John Natsoulas Gallery

521 First St.
Davis, CA 95616

(530) 756-3938

Elisabeth Wood is Fancie, and her live performances during the past couple of years have, in a kind of Midtown-music-scene-meets-game-of-phone booth-type way, grown into stuff of legend. A multimedia spectacle, including bizarre movie footage that has invoked comparison to the work of David Lynch, Fancie’s set has the reputation of being quite the aural and visual experience. Other writers in these pages likened Fancie to “triumphant ’80s, new wave, hip-hop, electro, ‘Rocky-esque’ mystic music”—whatever that is. So find out this Monday when Wood converges on Natsoulas. 512 First Street in Davis;