Mom-doesn’t-cook Day

Illustration by JONATHAN BUCK

The craziest brunch day of the year is almost here. Mother’s Day means restaurants that normally don’t serve brunch suddenly do, and restaurants that typically serve normal brunch menus go big with multicourse, prix fixe affairs. Such is the case at Paragary’s (1401 28th Street), which requires reservations for its $34 menu. Tables will start off with pastries, and then diners can choose between several appetizer and entree options. There’s also Hawks (5530 Douglas Boulevard in Granite Bay), with four classy courses for $50. The Firehouse Restaurant (1112 Second Street) will open early with a $49.95 four-course menu, which includes several entree options. Kids are welcome, too, for $19.95. If this is all sounding very expensive, don’t fret. Revolution Wines (2831 S Street) will serve a rare, reservation-only, à la carte brunch. Think classics like biscuits and gravy ($8), eggs Benedict ($12) and pancakes ($10). Or, you could always tell the kids to cook.