Miss March

Rated 1.0

A high-school senior (Zach Cregger) falls downstairs at a prom-night party and goes into a coma. Four years later, he regains consciousness to learn that his superpure girlfriend (Raquel Alessi) is now a Playboy centerfold, so he and his best friend (Trevor Moore) hit the road for the Playboy mansion to confront her with her slide into depravity. Cregger and Moore, stars of cable TV’s The Whitest Kids U Know, wrote and directed this slovenly noncomedy, and they are a pair of genuine triple threats: They can’t write, they can’t direct and they’re not funny. Alessi is confined to brief scenes at the beginning and end, begging Cregger to have sex with her (when it should be the other way around); Molly Stanton, as Moore’s girlfriend, doesn’t get off so lightly. Hugh Hefner once again gamely plays himself.