MindSpeakers Crew

Piece of Mind

Sacramento’s MindSpeakers—a multitalented pack of hip-hop visionaries—have a secret weapon: DJ Mr. Vibe. Vibe mixes, scratches and produces on Piece of Mind, which gives it a brilliant edge, exemplified on songs like “Hood Hop,” which jump in your earphones with old-school beats and precise cuts. “Use Ya Head” takes a laid-back, jazzy, horn-driven approach with production by Gregory B. and introspective verses courtesy of Aziaddict. Ospis demonstrates skilled lyricism and production on “Get It Live,” while the others—Ahab, Rizult, Zonez, J.D., Randal the Vandal, Philly Titan and Komplex One—give definition to the MindSpeakers sound. You know a group loves their deejay when they give him room to cut, stab, chop and beat the shit out of the entire CD. Vibe does that, and creates a banged-up Piece of art.