Mile 22

Rated 2.0

The leader of an elite strike team (Mark Wahlberg) is assigned to get an “asset”—a police officer with sensitive information (Iko Uwais)—out of an unnamed Asian country. Written by Lea Carpenter and Graham Roland and directed by Peter Berg with his usual loutish flailing, the movie consists of scenes of indigestible exposition inserted at intervals into a numbing series of high-body-count shootouts covering several square miles of urban territory and room-wrecking battles of martial arts (the laconic Uwais is dizzyingly good at the latter). The result is a low-class Mission: Impossible wannabe, brutally effective in its way (with “brutal” being the operative word), and culminating—spoiler alert!—in a complete bummer of an ending, with the good guys completely fooled and the bad guys triumphant.