Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Rated 2.0

Abandon hope of wit, all ye who enter here. Adam Devine and Zac Efron star as bachelor brothers Mike and Dave, “lovable” sociopaths infamous for their out-of-control party antics. Their family lays down an ultimatum: show up to their sister’s Hawaiian wedding with respectable dates, or don’t show up at all. The brothers post a Craigslist ad that goes viral, attracting a couple of hot-mess sake bomb slingers played by Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick. It’s a shame that the behind-the-camera team couldn’t make more of an effort, because everyone in front of the camera has their dial turned up to 11. In fact, the entire film feels designed to disprove the idea that bad material gets funnier the longer and louder you scream it. The entire cast works their butts off in service of a script that seems like it was written during a junior high school detention period. D.B.