Midsummer’s Fairytale Celtic Ren Fair

Saturday, August 24 and Sunday, August 25, 10am, Amador County Fairgrounds, $15-$60

pHOTO COURTESY OF Casper Johansson

“There’s nothing to do in this town,” said the person who didn’t know about this Renaissance fair. Stop by for one to two days of period-accurate fun—the best kind. There’s real jousting, people walking around in suits of armor and folks carrying around swords like it’s 1999. There’s also period music, a marketplace, lots of ancient foods, an archery range, mermaids, pirates and more. Were there mermaids during the Renaissance? Historians give conflicting accounts, so the public gets mermaids at their ren fair. 18621 Sherwood St. in Plymouth, midsummersfairytalecelticrenfair.com.