Media prophet

He was a lanky Canadian boy who studied 16th-century English literature, a devoted Catholic, possibly somewhat autistic. He had two arteries to the brain, which is extremely rare. He was known as the founder of modern media studies, famous for the statement “The medium is the message.” He predicted the Internet and became an academic pop star. Widely misunderstood, he was brilliantly insightful, but often contradictory. Welcome to the life of Marshall McLuhan. In Marshall McLuhan: You Know Nothing of My Work!, Douglas Coupland describes McLuhan’s life and thought in a fun-to-read, accessible 208-page biography which focuses mostly on the spirit of his work and less on the details. Less is more: By exploring the most critical aspects of McLuhan’s life and thought, Coupland enables us—now living on the World Wide Web—to appreciate a media prophet who has been gone for 30 years. We thank Coupland for sharing his work.