Match Point

Rated 3.0

In Woody Allen’s latest, an ambitious tennis pro (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) woos and wins a sweet young heiress (Emily Mortimer), even as his lustful eye wanders to her brother’s girlfriend (Scarlett Johansson). Oh dear, Woody’s getting serious again, with a story he has recycled from his own Crimes and Misdemeanors (moved from idle-rich Long Island to uppah-clahss England to exploit the easier financing). Under the posh accents and Masterpiece Theatre acting, it’s still the same old Allen, hand-wringing about selfishness, guilt and an amoral universe, and it all looks suspiciously like the kind of movie Allen used to make fun of 30 years ago. Besides, similar ground was covered in last year’s Separate Lies, a far superior film that nobody saw because it wasn’t made by a transplanted Manhattan icon.