Marty Friedman

Music for Speeding

Lads, remember when old Dad said, “Don’t masturbate, or you might go blind”? Well, while some of us kept it up, swearing we’d stop only when we needed glasses, others picked a constructive substitute—playing guitar, for instance. From the sound of Music for Speeding, Marty Friedman is one of those guys. Friedman played in Megadeth for more than a decade, and his music screams razor-sharp guitar headstock. Here, he racks up enough post-Ronnie Montrose-Open Fire instrumental Top Ramen to power a dozen extreme-sports videos: “Chum chum chum chum … squeeeeee! Doodleoodleoodle waahh … squeeeeeauh! How can you argue with an artfully executed fretboard chicken-choke like that? I mean, this stuff is so rabidly boss that it’s terminally uncool. And it’s coming to Orangevale. Gas up the T-top.