Man About Town

Lions Gate

In the misfire Man About Town, Ben Affleck plays Jack Giamoro, a killer-instinct agent who seems to have it all: a beautiful wife (Rebecca Romijn), a thriving business and a highly symbolic aquarium in his bedroom. Jack’s tidy life becomes unraveled when he discovers his wife’s infidelity and the theft of his journal by an embittered screenwriter (Bai Ling). Not much goes right in Man About Town: The performances are unconvincing, the tone veers wildly from scene to scene and Affleck still seems like a varsity quarterback obligingly smirking his way through a pep-rally skit. This was supposed to be writer-director Mike Binder’s follow-up to his acclaimed The Upside of Anger, but with Man About Town dumped straight to video, that task will fall to the Adam Sandler vehicle Reign Over Me.