Making sense of Sacramento

Winners of SN&R’s fiction and poetry contest write about homelessness and other subjects

When SN&R decided to hold a fiction and poetry contest, we thought that Sacramento is a region rich with writers.

We were proven right by the enthusiastic response—more than 150 entries in the four categories: The first part of a story or novel at a maximum of 500 words, flash fiction of 100 words or less, the best opening line and poems of as many 250 words.

And who knew there were so many poets out there? There were more entries in that category than any other.

The entries had to be about Sacramento, or set in Sacramento. (Unfortunately, some submissions didn’t follow that rule and were disqualified.) So common themes included current issues such as homelessness, but also our history going back to the Gold Rush, plus the natural beauty of the Delta, the rivers and trees.

The editorial staff picked winners, plus honorable mentions, in each category. Special thanks to Capital Books in downtown Sacramento for providing gift certificates to the winners.

We hope this will become an annual event. For now, enjoy the writing of some of your fellow Sacramentans.