Now available at finer non-chain record stores everywhere, as long as they’re in Sacramento.

Rock ’n’ roll didn’t die, it just went to rehab. Sacramento’s own “occult gospel garage punk commune” the Red Tyger Church emerges phoenix-like from the ashes with Magic, a self-produced album that actually doesn’t suck. Things kick off nicely with “Summer’s Coming,” an ode to “Champagne Supernova” that substitutes tape hiss for gurgling waterfall sounds, then devolves into a jarring, bluesy rave-up reminiscent of the Yardbirds. An enticing mélange of ’60s psychedelia and glam-rock decadence permeates the album’s 18 tracks, reaching its zenith on “Submarine,” “Pray for the Jocks” and “Daydreamer.” As with any born-again band, there’s the occasional false step—the call-and-response shtick on “Come Over” is embarrassingly goofy—but, overall, Magic lives up to its ambitious title.