Love on high

Learn how to spice up—or mellow out—this Valentine’s Day with five products to get you in the loving mood

Big Pete’s cannabis cookies will lift your sweetheart’s mood.

Big Pete’s cannabis cookies will lift your sweetheart’s mood.

Photo by maria ratinova

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day evokes thoughts of decadent chocolate and champagne, maybe a fancy dinner paired with a robust, red-jeweled wine.

This year, though, it’s time to think (mostly) outside the heart-shaped box. Cannabis, in all its myriad forms, applications and strengths, can make for a heightened celebration of love. And it’s all legal. Whether you’re in a committed relationship, roaming the dating scene or plan to spend another stupid Hallmark holiday alone, here’s SN&R’s guide to five products to get you in the mood.

Breathe deep

Dosist Passion Pen ($40)

Dosist’s line of recyclable vape pens are popular for their expertly measured doses. The Passion Pen, boasting 2.25 milligrams of THC, comes in a sleek white, bullet-shaped cartridge that gives off a vibration when the user breathes in the proper dose (each pen contains 50 hits total). Made with cannabis oil, the blend here is dominated by myrcene with a subtle lift from limonene, a chemical found in citrus fruit peels. Billed as a “stress relieving” formula, it’s supposed to build intimacy with your partner and increase sensuality. The sexytime jury’s still out on that—the resulting vibe just felt lovely and sweet. Which is not a bad thing. At all.

Recommended use: Inhale and get to kissin’ (or whatever your kink).

Box of love

Big Pete’s Valentine’s Gift Box ($15.95)

If you’re looking for something more traditionally designed, Big Pete’s Valentine’s Gift Box won’t disappoint. The bright red box contains six individually wrapped cookies—two each of Cinnamon & Sugar, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip. The cookies are small but still pack a punch with 10mg THC. Using an indica strain, they’re sweet with just a slight dank aftertaste and make for a sweet high that leaves you feeling equal parts relaxed and giggly.

Recommended use: Paired with your milk of choice, these make for a nice little late post-date snack.

A mild wild

Satori Wild Strawberries Milk Chocolate ($11)

These chocolate-covered, cannabis-infused strawberries only have 3 milligrams of THC per piece (three pieces makes for a serving), which makes it convenient to micro-dose to find just the right high, depending on your mood. The dried fruit makes for a nice, slight crunch even if the chocolate coating is a bit waxy. The taste is pleasant enough, though the flavor really begs for a more intense dark chocolate. Still, there’s no lingering weediness and the high is a sweetly giddy mood-enhancer. It’s easy to see why this one nabbed High Times’ first-place award for best edible in 2017.

Recommended use: Hand-feed to your loved one—but start small and experiment with potency.

Enjoy a cuppa

Kikoko Sensuali-Tea ($40)

This is definitely not your grandma’s cup of chamomile tea. Billed as a libido-enhancing brew, each bag (there are 10 in a tin) features an organic blend of hibiscus, rose petals (it’s an aphrodisiac, but also works for anxiety), lavender, orange peel (for digestion), licorice root and, to literally spice things up a bit, cardamom and cloves. Steeped, the tea exhibits a gorgeous jewel-toned hue and a pleasantly sweet and tart flavor profile. With 7 milligrams of THC per serving, Kikoko’s claim that a cup of this will “intensify the Big O” is perhaps a bit of a stretch, but the overall effect is both mood-lifting and relaxing.

Recommended use: Steep a cup, sip and curl up with your sweetie to see what happens.

Just chill

EdiPure California Love CBD Mix Pack ($16)

What did Tupac say about California knowing how to party? How about a party of one? The California Love CBD Mix Pack from EdiPure, known for its whimsical candy shop-styled candies, features a selection of 10 sugar crystal-coated fruit flavored gummies, including Lemon Raspberry and Orange Creamsicle. Shaped like the Golden State, each piece has a satisfyingly chewy texture—think stretchy gummy worms or gummy straws. Flavor-wise, the fruit notes are vibrant and, thankfully, not too sweet. The package lists its effects as “stress relief” and “euphoric,” but this CBD-only edible actually delivers more of a super-chill, drowsy mood.

Recommended use: Pop one and draw a warm bath—solo.