Love for sale

A few more tips for romance online

If you are not searching for a life partner, it’s still sexier to present yourself online with credibility and panache. So check out these online profile basics to get yourself to the coffee-date stage:

Don’t post a photo of yourself with attractive men or women hanging on you. One man posted pics of himself with much, much younger men, so that potential dates would know what he was looking for. OK, but this also makes you seem creepy.

Don’t post a photo of you and your kids. Parents say they include plenty of pics with children because they want potential dates to know that their kids came first. Well then, wouldn’t it make sense to introduce dates to your children after you’ve actually met the dates in person? And, yes, online-dating services admit that pedophiles troll dating sites in search of mothers with young children.

Don’t post glamour photos of yourself and your pet. Snapshots are great, but if you paid for professional pics of you and your dog because you want potential dates to accept your pack of two, be aware that you look like you already have a life partner.

Don’t be the (near) naked hottie. Yes, we can see from those awesome abs that you actually do hit the gym six days a week, but wouldn’t it be cool not to seem so desperate for attention? Nix the lingerie, bikini and Speedo photos, OK?

Do tell the truth when writing your profile. Men lie about their height (you’ve either shrunk since high school or the only time you stand up straight is when someone has you up against a tape measure) and women lie about their weight (if you’re so ashamed, do something about it). A lot of people post photos of themselves that are at least five years old. All posted photos should look the way you do right now.