Love devil

“Coming Soon” by Daniel Johnston, ink on paper, 1990.

“Coming Soon” by Daniel Johnston, ink on paper, 1990.

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I recently saw Daniel Johnston perform in Austin, Texas, at the annual South by Southwest music festival. He could hardly form his fingers into a chord and had a hard time keeping up with the beat. But then, when a friend took over the guitar and Johnston only had to sing, he came alive. Johnston has an instinct for music—for sound, the beat, the art of it—that he can channel. And Johnston’s visual art, which will show at Verge Gallery’s Museum of Love: The Works of Daniel Johnston, also speaks to this aesthetic intuition and impulse. Wanna learn more? Check out the screening of the excellent documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston on May 14 at 7 p.m. at Verge, with director Jeff Feuerzeig in attendance. (Johnston will show with David M. Stein in Verge’s front gallery.)