Look Both Ways: Bisexual Politics

Jennifer Baumgardner

A serious look at bisexuality in American culture is long overdue. As Jennifer Baumgardner points out, bisexuals are often mistrusted (“can’t make up their minds,” “just afraid to come out,” “sluts”), both by those who identify as gay and lesbian and by those who cling to heterosexual privilege. Though it’s full of anecdotal evidence of just how tough it is to be “flexible” in our current culture, the book overdoes the self-revelation. (OK, I’m impressed that she used to date Indigo Girl Amy Ray, but still). Many gays and lesbians have had significant opposite-sex relationships, while same-sex attraction is far more widespread than some insecure straight folks would like to admit. Her main point: sexuality is more fluid than most of us acknowledge; bisexuals at least are honest about it.