Local services

CLEAN & SOBER sponsors Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings at Loaves & Fishes and provides access to low-cost residential recovery programs. (916) 498-0331, www.clean-and-sober.org.

FAMILY PROMISE works with Loaves & Fishes to provide overnight shelter for homeless families. (916) 443-3107, www.sacfamilypromise.org.

FRANCIS HOUSE is an interfaith effort to provide support for impoverished or homeless local people. 1422 C Street, (916) 443-2646, www.francishouse.info.

LOAVES & FISHES provides a wide variety of services for Sacramento’s homeless population. Located at 1321 North C Street, Loaves & Fishes services include emergency animal care, job referrals, medical and mental health, and a library and shelter. (916) 446-0874.

MERCER VETERINARY CLINIC FOR THE HOMELESS is a volunteer nonprofit run by veterinary students that provides free care for homeless people’s pets at Loaves & Fishes. (530) 752-1143, www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/clubs/mercer.

MERCY CLINIC is an urgent-care clinic managed by the Sisters of Mercy. Medical services are available to homeless people weekdays; patients are triaged to the clinic by the public-health nurse in Friendship Park. (916) 446-3345.

SACRAMENTO AREA EMERGENCY HOUSING CENTER provides services to a variety of homeless families and individuals, including transitional services from emergency shelter to supportive shelter for people with disabilities or alcohol and drug problems. They operate an employment-based transitional housing program at Mather Community Campus as well as the Family Shelter Program and the Women’s Refuge Program. 2411 Alhambra Boulevard, Suite 110; (916) 454-2120; www.saehc.org.

SACRAMENTO COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN ASSISTANCE HOMELESS SERVICES include cooperative programs such as Mather Community Campus, the LaVerne Adolfo Housing Programs for Former Foster Youth, Winter Shelter and Shelter Plus Care (a program for disabled homeless). (916) 874-4301.

SACRAMENTO HOMELESS ORGANIZING COMMITTEE is a made up of activists who are homeless or formerly homeless who advocate for the homeless population in Sacramento. (916) 442-2156.

THE SALVATION ARMY operates shelters for men and women that include assistances with substance abuse, health and mental-health issues. 12th and North B streets, (916) 442-0331.

SELF-HELP HOUSING is designed to assist homeless people find safe and affordable housing. (916) 444-8216.

SIDE-BY-SIDE WITH THE HOMELESS is a Methodist organization that works with Loaves & Fishes to provide religious services and spiritual guidance. (916) 443-4362, www.sidebysidewiththehomeless.org.

ST. JOHN’S SHELTER FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN works with homeless women and their families to find permanent housing. (916) 453-1482, www.stjohnsshelter.org.

TOMMY CLINKENBEARD LEGAL CLINIC provides free legal services to homeless people in Sacramento County. (916) 446-0368.

UNION GOSPEL MISSION features a variety of programs, including free meals and a drug-rehab program; overnight shelter for men is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 400 Bannon Street, (916) 447-3268, www.ugmsac.com.

VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA is a nonprofit, faith-based program that operates several shelters in Sacramento. A Street Shelter for Men accommodates 60 men who qualify for general assistance. (916) 448-5507. The Bannon Street Shelter has beds for 48 men and 14 women who qualify for general assistance. (916) 443-4688. The Winter Shelter houses 104 men and 50 women at Cal Expo during the coldest winter months, November through March. (916) 448-5507. Open Arms provides an emergency-shelter service aimed at HIV-positive homeless people or homeless persons with AIDS. (916) 451-1765.

WIND YOUTH SERVICES offers an array of assistance to homeless youth, including meals and showers and emergency shelter. 701 Dixieanne Avenue, (916) 443-8333, www.windyouth.org.

WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT is an independent program located at Loaves & Fishes that provides homeless women with training, mentoring and support for employment. (916) 669-2307, www.womens-empowerment.org.