Loaves & Fishes for the masses

The city of Sacramento has downtown neighborhood activists in a tizzy. Not only is the city partnering with the county on a plan to end chronic homelessness without either the housing resources or the law enforcement support to do it properly, say downtown residents, but it also appears to be supporting the expansion of Loaves & Fishes, which wants to move all of its resources for the homeless to one side of north C Street. With that move, Loaves & Fishes would grow by about 10 percent, and that, says real estate developer Sean Wright, is unacceptable in the Richards Boulevard area.

Wright, who’s also the president of the Alkali and Mansion Flats Historic Neighborhood Association, plans to show up at the Quinn Cottages at 6pm for an April 11 community meeting to protest the expansion. He probably won’t be alone. Loaves & Fishes staff said that previous meetings uncovered a distressing lack of support for homeless services amongst neighbors.