Lions 3D: Roar of the Kalahari

Rated 3.0

The IMAX 3-D camera examines life at a watering hole in the arid Kalahari Desert of Africa, as recorded by director Tim Liversedge over an 18-month period, with animals coming and going, preyed on by two lionesses and their mate—who himself faces challenges from a younger male. The film isn’t actually new, and it wasn’t shot in 3-D—it is, in fact, 2003’s Roar: Lions of the Kalahari, digitally remastered for the glasses. (hmm … at this rate, can Gone With the Wind IMAX 3-D be that far off?) The 3-D effects are impressive, especially considering that they were added after the fact, but hardly necessary; Liversedge’s film is strong enough even without them—dramatic, riveting, with some truly astonishing shots that rewarded what must have been super-human patience on the part of Liversedge and his crew.