Lift With Your Head

Chip Conrad

Listen up, gym rats, fitness freaks and iron heads. Has your workout routine gone stale? Stuck in that five-sets-twelve-reps rut? Chip Conrad, owner of the eclectic Midtown gym Body Tribe Fitness, has the perfect prescription. Conrad’s self-published book presents a unique training philosophy, which combines decidedly old-school exercise elements with an expansive knowledge of contemporary fitness and nutrition science. Forgotten exercises such as the windmill, the kettle-bell swing and the farmer’s walk are offered as alternative to restricted motion of weight machines. New additions include flipping old tractor tires or beating on them with lead-filled bats. Motivational tips for diet and keeping your routine on track are also included. It’s all delivered via Conrad’s lively, first-person prose, making Lift With Your Head one of those rare fitness books you actually want to read.