Life is just peachy

“Peach on a Leaf” by Claudia Tarantino, porcelain, 2009.

“Peach on a Leaf” by Claudia Tarantino, porcelain, 2009.

John Natsoulas Gallery

521 First St.
Davis, CA 95616

(530) 756-3938

Art is life, and life is art. And life can be a peach. On a leaf. Or a clever teapot that looks like a piece of driftwood. The group of artists exhibiting in John Natsoulas Gallery’s third annual Trompe L’oeil show use the technique of the same name—French for “trick of the eye”—to create ceramic illusions of everyday objects. Included will be the work of artist Marilyn Levine, who has mastered crafting convincing “leather” items, such as boots and handbags, as well as the work of Emma Luna, who produces unbelievably believable stacks of linens. This may be one of those exhibits where the viewer will begin to question just what else in the gallery—chairs, pens, etc.—is art or part of life. Or is there a difference?