Life In Digital

The Future of Digital Media

Word to your motherboard.

Word to your motherboard.

Recent developments in digital media are forcing the entertainment industry to rethink current business models to work in conjunction with industry evolution. The success of YouTube and the iPhone notwithstanding, many issues have been left unaddressed—particularly in areas of digital copyright, and the ownership and marketability of user-generated content. As Internet and mobile technology matures and evolves, old laws are being rewritten in favor of new ones.

Join a panel of digital media experts as they discuss the current state of the industry, including hot-button issues such as how big media companies will balance the opportunities presented by digital distribution with the possible cannibalization of existing businesses. Points of discussion will include:
•What is the next big thing in digital media in the next 12 months to two years, and who will be the winners and losers in the years to come?
•What are the most likely business models for user-generated content?
•Can content created by consumers be the backbone of a viable business model?
•What is the future for ad-supported free distribution of digital content online, including music, video and games?
•How can traditional-media businesses connect with this consumer mindset?
•Life after iPhone: What’s next in the digital revolution of music? What standards are likely to emerge?
•What new opportunities exist for marketers to tap into these newly formed digital communities and niches?
•Mobile media: Life after ringtones and music—what next?

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