Letters for September 20, 2018

Re: “Dueling on rent control,” by Dylan Svoboda (News, September 13):

This article continues to recite a flawed narrative that rent control works. First, the author states that Ms. Thrower-Low saw a 40 percent rent increase in Elk Grove. None of the proposals outlined in the article will do anything to help her fix her rent, the proposals only apply to the City of Sacramento. Unfortunately, this is another poorly written and skewed article to support an illegal ballot measure pushed by the Democratic Socialists of America and fringe groups who do not speak for a majority of voters in the city. SN&R you are better than this.

R.L. Moreland


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Jump bikes, dusk till dawn

Re: “Hot wheels,” by James Raia (News, September 13):

They suck and are rode by drunk idiots! They installed a jump bike station right under my bedroom window. So now I have drunks arguing, fighting, pissing, till 3 a.m. The vans unload bikes [while] playing rap music at 4 a.m. in a quiet neighborhood. Then it starts again at 6 a.m., with early morning commuters. It happened to me, and it can happen to you if the city is not more careful where it puts these stations.

Even Hex Weathers


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Spend money to make money

Re: “Pitch city,” by Graham Womack (News, September 13):

Barry Broome just helped negotiate the Centene corporate campus being developed in north Natomas, which will bring thousands of good-paying jobs that might not have occurred without his efforts. Who knows how many other successful results he’s accomplished since he came on board in 2015? Probably lots. It’s funny that this rag of a paper can criticize like a worthless academic professor who has never done any real business in the private sector yet offer theoretical opinions on what should be done. You have to spend money on people like Barry Broome to make money by creating good-paying jobs for the region at-large. I don’t know a lot of other people who have that type of business development acumen in the Sacramento area, and I haven’t seen anyone make such bold moves in the region to expand Sacramento’s statewide and national influence as a destination for business.

Stan Smith


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A clear solution?

Re: “State controller Betty Yee to cannabis industry: Grow up and deal with stoned drivers,” by Judy Lin (420 Reads, September 13):

Impairment Measurement Marijuana and Driving (IMMAD) is a simple, quick, sensitive, specific and objective app in the virtual Google system to determine fitness to drive with marijuana use. IMMAD measures the dysfunction of retinal ganglion cells by testing “tunneling” of vision with simple small striped squares. [The Journal of the American Medical Association] reported that marijuana impairs retinal ganglion cells function in 2016. The science behind IMMAD is strong and has been reported in abstract form at peer reviewed research conference venues.

Denise A Valenti

Quincy, MA

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