Letters for March 20, 2014

Readers write in about hip-hop in Sacramento, sheltering the city's homeless, conflict in Ukraine, and a comic convention making bank downtown

Sac must recognize hip-hop

Re “Hip-hop hiccup” (SN&R Editorial, March 13):

This article means a lot for me personally. It seems that this feeling has been in the air for years, that the Sacramento scene is focused mainly on pushing artists who either are in a rock band, or are acoustic or folk singers, or real good friends with the bookers and promoters around town.

I understand that certain hip-hop artists have given the culture a bad name due to bad language and bad behavior at shows. I have lived in the Sacramento area since 2009 and have submitted to play for certain events and contacted certain talent buyers to play at certain venues, and I have a feeling that because of the rapping in my group's music, it has held us back from being welcome to different events and venues out here. It seems like every other market accepts hip-hop, but here in our own hometown we can't get a break.

I'm glad SN&R is bringing the focus to hip-hop. Hopefully this market will start recognizing it more. There are some really talented artists out here that are getting pushed to the back.

Shaad King


Safe Ground should be a priority

Re “Safe Ground breaks through?” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R News, March 13):

The dedicated folks with Safe Ground Sacramento have been at it for years. Despite his lip service, Mayor Kevin Johnson has failed to produce hoped-for results in terms of the legalization and protection of safe grounds for homeless encampments. It is no secret that Sacramento, for its being the state capital and all, has failed to significantly help the homeless within its domain. The Safe Ground homeless camp as described in the story would be a great help, though it too is a drop in the bucket.

Peter S. López


Safe Ground questions

Re “Safe Ground breaks through?” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R News, March 13):

I find it odd that homeless would only be allowed to stay a year, and that Safe Ground [executive director] Steve Watters thinks they would only need six months.

These cottages could house up to 100 individuals at a time? I think there are more homeless in Freeman Park in Woodland than that. OK, maybe not, but I don’t see how you’re going to pick and choose who in Sacramento actually gets in.

It’s the single male that is royally screwed. If you enjoy someone laughing in your face, attempt to get assistance as a single male. Been there, done that. Anyone who thinks it’s easy doesn’t understand the amount of bullshit requirements involved.

I hope this housing gets built. It’s sad that apartment complexes with tons of vacancies are not willing to house any homeless. Or are any of them? The complexes are already built. Why doesn’t the government force these places to house homeless?

Noah Kameyer


SN&R misses Ukraine nuances

Re “Diplomacy in Ukraine” (SN&R Editorial, March 13):

Your editorial, admirable in advocating for diplomacy, is missing the nuances of the situation in Ukraine. The United States has little to no leverage over Russia. For international sanctions to be effective, the European Union, specifically Germany, must take the lead on this issue due to their financial leverage over Russia. Chancellor Angela Merkel can speak softly for us, and NATO can be her big stick.

Christopher Hagel

returned Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine

Nerds the new Kings

Re “Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!” by Janelle Bitker (SN&R Arts&Culture, March 6):

I attended the Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con last weekend and had a blast. I heard that it made over $2 million in three days, catching the event organizers by surprise and causing them to rent the entire convention center for next year’s return. Can it be? A successful and profitable event in downtown Sacramento attended by tens of thousands of people that didn’t require a basketball arena? Say it isn’t so! Omigod, someone get Mayor Kevin Johnson on the phone and tell him it’s actually possible in our fair city!

Sheldon Cruz