Letters for March 15, 2001

Here’s Walter, in his entirety

Re “Where’s Walter” (SN&R Capital Bites, March 1):

I did not fall for your paper’s bait of a request for an interview because I knew you would only print the parts that you felt supported the “picture YOU try to paint” of me. If you had invited me to reply with a written response to your questions, you would have edited out key parts of my answer that did not support that picture. You would have excused those biased edits with the old “lack of room” ploy. That is the game you and other editors play—not only with me (your I-should-kiss-your-ring “we frequently let him share” attitude) but your readers’ contributing articles/letters as well—probably your own reporters.

The hypocrisy you allege, then, is not my behavior but yours! And you won’t print this letter in its entirety either unless you just want to prove that statement wrong. (I know that game, too.)

Thank you for correctly quoting our newspaper’s honesty: “ … we make no attempt to give you both sides.” Our paper prints conservative news. PERIOD! Readers know where we stand. They can read other views elsewhere. That is THEIR FREE choice—NOT A FREEDOM I HAD where I grew up!

I attended no grand schools of or took any great courses in journalism like you. I learned some of the complexities of the English language in my native Austrian grade school. I attended no European or American universities. I learned most of my English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as an immigrant to this country. If my words are blunt or imprecise and you interpret them as “hate,” that is YOUR spin—not mine! I know what is in my heart. If my choice of words is not your choice, so be it!

Walter F. Mueller
via e-mail

Bites can’t compete

Re “Where’s Walter” (SN&R Capital Bites, March 1):

Your Capital Bites columnist has a considerable superiority complex. Because s/he disdains Walter Mueller and his conservative newspaper, Community News, “Bites” has to label this paper a ‘right-wing extremist screed’ and boast that SN&R has more printing ink than Mueller.

It seems to me that the SN&R is resentful of its competition, as Community News candidly investigates many sensitive issues, such as illegal immigration, the environmentalist-induced energy crisis and the racially motivated murder of five European-Americans in Wichita, Kansas. That a small paper with a drying inkwell covers these subjects must embarrass SN&R. After all, SN&R has more advertisers, and therefore more money, to buy more ink to compete with Mueller where it counts—in content. If only Mueller would prostrate his convictions to gain more ad money, then and only then might he gain the SN&R’s respect. As if that were worth having!

Steve DeLany
Citrus Heights

No more wackos!

Re “Conservative Smack-down Challenge” and “Soldiers in the Literary Battlefield” (SN&R Letters, March 8):

Once, when I was a lad on a visit to my great-grandmother’s house, I silently crept into the kitchen for a clandestine snack. When I flicked on the light switch I was frozen in terror as a million cockroaches scratched and wriggled across the linoleum. The sight and sound of those miserable creatures is with me still. I periodically shudder with the same repulsion when I read your letters page.

The two letters I cite above are no exception. Anytime someone writes a clear-headed letter to your publication, or Bites does a blurb on one of their brethren, those of the wacko mentality seem to start scurrying. I’ve read (and answered) some of Mueller’s spittle and I can tell you honestly that I’m not so sure it’s worth it! I get visions of Jack-booted, camouflaged white men with tattoos on their necks dropping their gun-oil soaked rags all across the nation! I see them clearing their cable spool coffee tables of beer cans and sitting down with the nub of a number two pencil to scrawl a letter to that “commie” rag in Sacramento, the SN&R!

While I admire Bites’ belief that more of Mueller’s bilge should be heard through an interview, I must voice my protest. I, for one, haven’t the stomach for it. Please grant me ample notification as to when this interview will be published for I will surely pass that week. I think I’ve decided to leave the lights off.

Ron Waggoner

Functionally unfeasible

Re “When Brad Met Julia, Briefly: The Mexican” by Jim Lane (SN&R Film Review, March 1):

I don’t want to argue acting and “art,” but when are movie reviewers going to start giving “bombs” to movies that are just plain stupid?

The whole premise of this movie is physically impossible. Has any firearm in the history of the world managed to blow out its breech mechanism with enough force to kill the user and been in big enough pieces (and owned by someone dumb enough) to be welded back together and do it again, again, again, again and … ?

Isn’t there some point at which “art” bows to common sense?

Rudy Iwasko

Swollen dome

After seeing the criteria and methodology that you and the Sacramento News & Review team used to come up with “Sacramento’s 100” (SN&R Cover, Feb. 22) I was honored and astounded to be included on your list. Actually, I saw the list this past weekend and as my head began to swell and get too big to fit through my front door, my wife reminded me to feed the animals, take out the garbage and mow the lawn!

At any rate, thanks to you and your News & Review team for putting together a very interesting perspective on our region. I truly appreciate being included.

Michael Ziegler
President/CEO, PRIDE Industries