Letters for June 26, 2014

SN&R readers comment on the expulsion of a gay student from William Jessup University, an FIFA bribery scandal, and the state of Second Saturday

University isn’t anti-gay

Re “Expel away the gay” by Lien Hoang (SN&R News, June 19):

This kid needs to move on. He wasn't expelled for being gay, he was expelled because he got arrested for domestic violence. Secondly, he choose to go to a Christian university. With a certain set of morals and beliefs. Glad he's gone.



Requisite anti-immigrant rant?

Re “Caution: No health care for all” by Sasha Abramsky (SN&R Feature Story, June 19):

This story is a blatant lie. All the kids are under Medi-Cal, every single one: All the mothers get various types of health care related to the kids; the fathers are the ones having to go to the hospital emergency room for care where it is free just like Medi-Cal to the mothers and children. The only ones sucking it up are the taxpayers of Sacramento County, who do not believe they should be supporting the health care of 100,000 illegals, who should be on the first plane back to country of origin. If an illegal wants to buy health care, there are plenty of options that do not require a dime of taxpayer money. What the writers and the illegals want is not health care, they want somebody else to pay for it.

Michael Fellion


Terrible and rigged?

Re “Two worlds, one cup” by Nick Miller (SN&R Editor’s Note, June 19):

I agree with Nick Miller that FIFA is terrible. However, I love soccer. Interestingly, according to The New York Times, there was a big referee-bribery scandal in 2010. Hope it won’t affect the United States vs. Germany match.

Mark Rodriguez

via email

Bicyclists in the crosshairs

Re “Schoolteacher rams bicyclist” and “Another hit-and-run” by SN&R staff (SN&R Scorekeeper, June 19):

The report of four bicyclists hit by Sacramento car drivers in one weekend emphasizes how dangerous cycling is in this city. Despite riding my bike for over 30 years here, I still find myself in tight situations. Just last Tuesday, I was pedaling down Ninth Street between K and L when a young lady passed me on the left and immediately made a right turn in front of me. I was barely able to avoid a nasty collision with her as I laid on my brakes and screamed at the top of my voice. Her reaction was one of utter astonishment that I was there. Which proves the old saying: There are only two kinds of motorists in Sacramento, those that don’t see you and those that aim for you.

Kent Miller

via email

Second Saturday lives!

Re “Second Saturday, still RIP” by Nick Miller (SN&R Editor’s Note, June 5):

Nick Miller, I disagree! Second Saturday is alive with arts and energized with crazy creativeness, you just have to know where to go! Arthouse on R Street, next to the Fox & Goose, has a lively Second Saturday. We had hundreds of artgoers come through last time. Maybe there has just been a shift in the arts area of Sacramento. I don’t know. But if you are looking for Second Saturday art events, I invite you out!

Tj Lev


Adios, Sacramento

Re “Second Saturday, still RIP” by Nick Miller (SN&R Editor’s Note, June 5):

Classic Sacramento, one step forward and three steps back. Sacramento is the capital city of California, but you would never know that. A true city brings its inhabitants together all year long with numerous activities and celebrations, and the art walk-Second Saturday was a great way to showcase what downtown has to offer. Lessening this exposure is bad business and rotten PR. So are the parking-ticket-happy officers that spoil your good time. I lived in Sacramento for seven years, came on a promise of a city on the verge. I could see its potential. I left six months ago knowing it would never happen.

C.W. Kelly

Newport Beach