Letters for July 16, 2009

‘King Kevin’ strikes again

Re “End run” (SN&R Editorial, July 9):

Is it so surprising that “King Kevin” has reintroduced his push for the “strong mayor” ballot? Why should the king have to wait for a pesky review committee? He knows best and he can’t wait to be “just” an executive, free from the mundane details of running a city, free from council meetings, free to travel the country, mingle with the national media and [to] become the ex-basketball star/mayor celebrity that he really wants to be.

He has an entourage of cultlike followers who will do whatever he wants them to do, who will spout whatever makes K.J. look good and skirt the edges of the law (i.e., the raggedy management of St. Hope and Sac High).

Will the Sacramento electorate be sucked in by King Kevin’s smooth talking again? I hope not, but I’m not counting on it. There are Sacramentans who want to believe he’s the future for this city. I’m not one of them.

Wanda L. Au

Secret kudos

Re “Dr. Obama’s Secret” by Matt Perry (SN&R Feature, July 9):

This is the best piece on health care that I have read in a year. Very informative, very nonpolitical and very helpful for objective people trying to decide the issues on their merits, for themselves.

George Lunch

Money should follow values

Re “Money talks” by Anthony Pignataro (SN&R Frontlines, July 9):

It’s great to see Sacramento moving in this direction. Our investments and proxy voting should reflect our values.

James McRitchie
Elk Grove

Not-so-epic fail

Re “Letting go of the claw” by Ted Cox (SN&R Green Days, July 9):

I have been waiting at least two years for my green waste bin, only to be told that the city ran out of money. So now I am being charged an extra $3 per month for the city’s failure.

Liz Kanter

Hold the fries, please

Re “Rant party” from “Prescription for permanent hearing loss” by Derek Nielsen (SN&R Sound Advice, July 9):

Way to review a show, douche! Perhaps the next time you’re at a show (and getting paid to review it), you can try to watch what’s happening on the stage.

Anyway, what is it with you and hearing protection? You’ve mentioned hearing protection in other articles, the caption to the photo and your description of Charles.

Charles is such a fucking badass, he could wear a grilled cheese sandwich over his dick and rock harder than you! Stop writing reviews!


Glad you likethe rest of us

Re “Rant party” from “Prescription for permanent hearing loss” by Derek Nielsen (SN&R Sound Advice, July 9):

The musicians I look up to in this town are the ones that are always creating, putting out records, putting together shows, going on tour and championing other bands. The people I look up to in this world are kind, funny, creative and honest. Charles Albright is all of these things and is a big part of why I still love Sacramento music. How this hateful diatribe got past the editor is mind-boggling, and I’m not sure if my fondness for some of the other music writers on staff is enough to make me not want to boycott SN&R.

Bobby Jordan

Mean people suck

Re “Rant party” from “Prescription for permanent hearing loss” by Derek Nielsen (SN&R Sound Advice, July 9):

Derek Nielsen, really? This is what passes for a “music” review? Derek, you are a mean person. Charles Albright rocks harder than you’ll ever hope to. He’s an awesome musician and person. You need to take your bitchy ass back to school.

Rochelle Sparman

Douche review …

Re “Rant party” from “Prescription for permanent hearing loss” by Derek Nielsen (SN&R Sound Advice, July 9):

Derek Nielsen, thank you for your eye-opening piece on douches. It is my understanding that you received money for your immaculately written piece on that “douche” with big earphones.

This has inspired me to write about the many douches that I have encountered. Let’s start with … you. I looked you up on Facebook for research on my piece, now titled “Piece … of douche.” D-O double douche! I had to actually print out a picture of you and draw gigantic earphones on you to make you look like less of a douche!

If I had douche for every time you looked like a douche, I’d have a million—wait! A bazillion—douches! But none would be as big as you.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I read your article but I didn’t quite get it. I guess I just don’t speak douche. P.S.: I hate you.

Matthew Maxwell
douche player with the Ancient Sons

… and your brother, too!

Re “Rant party” from “Prescription for permanent hearing loss” by Derek Nielsen (SN&R Sound Advice, July 9):

Derek Nielsen, I wish I was as well-spoken as my brother, but I’m not, so I’ll make it simple.

I found your review on Baby!, and particularly Baby!’s guitarist, downright mean. I would call you a douche, but that’s pretty much been covered. How about this: You’re a fucking jerk. Better? Good.

(Knock, knock: Look for me. I’m the one with the douchey thumb brace. You can make fun of it anytime and call it a “music” review.)

Allen Maxwell

Editor’s note: For SN&R’s response to the controversy, please see this week’s Sound Advice.

Waste of money

Re “Tagged and bagged” by Anthony Pignataro (SN&R Frontlines, July 2):

Seven years in prison [multiplied by] $40,000 to $45,000 a year (the cost of incarceration per prisoner in California). You do the math. And someone told me California had a budget crisis.

How about numerous hours of community-service work scrubbing off tagging? Are the citizens of Placer County supporting this district attorney in the next election?

Christine Thomas


In “Dr. Obama’s secret” by Matt Perry (SN&R Feature, July 9), it was incorrectly stated, due to a copy error, that Blue Cross was one of the health insurers who supported the final Núñez-sponsored bill. They did not. We apologize for the error.