Letters for February 12, 2015

You give climate change a bad name

Re “Fake golden age” by Nick Miller (SN&R Editor’s Note, February 5):

Human-induced climate change is a serious issue, but apparently Nick Miller has never paid heed to the January warm-up that I've observed in all the temperate climes I've lived in in my 63 years. A few warm days in late January is the norm, and pointing to such a thing as a harbinger of climate change is inane and not helpful and provides fodder for the skeptics. There are real phenomena, like the recently observed changing northward distribution of nudibranchs (sea slugs), or the offshore movement into colder water of prey for sea lions, that are so much more important to take note of. Stop being silly, and make it real and make it count.

Doug Downie


Thanks, K.J.

Re “Triple Vision” by Nick Miller (SN&R News, February 5):

Mayor Kevin Johnson’s vision for Sacramento is the right one to overcome the cow-town stereotype we have developed. Whatever criticism there is of the arena, it is clear that there were no other alternatives. Downtown is a wasteland of unused and empty buildings, and no one had any idea of how to develop the area. An MLS soccer franchise for Sacramento Republic FC will bring infinitely more business and recognition for Sacramento, thus luring more businesses here.

I remember once my business was representing a company that planned to be based here. They rented office space in Roseville as headquarters, but used an address in San Diego. I asked the CEOs why he was using a San Diego address. He told me that if they used an address in Sacramento or Roseville, they would not be considered a serious and viable business. The company has since moved to Southern California. Here’s to the day when companies will be proud to be here. Mayor Johnson is leading us in that direction. Thank you, K.J., for a job well done.

Gonzalo Vergara


View from the right

Re “Tax the rich” (SN&R Editorial, January 29):

You are wrong, wrong again! When I was growing up, I remember when the tax rates were very high, but you could deduct damn near everything if you were a business owner. One-hundred percent of meals, business lunches, cars, gas—25 cents or so a gallon, cigs cheap, etc. You could buy a new car for $3,000, a house for $10,000 or so. President Kennedy dropped the tax rates, but then the damn government started expanding! And Obama wants to continue expanding the thumb of government with our tax money. Wait and see if he will do anything about really helping the “middle” class 90-plus million Americans that are not working. Government produces nothing for a profit. They just spend and piss it away! By the way, how many of those “kids” that came across the border last year had diseases, spoke English, had any education? How many are ready for the gangs, etc.? And have you yourself taken any in? Probably not. You really endorsed them coming in. Bad idea.

Nick Schrier