Letters for December 4, 2003

No symphony of sympathy

Re “Field of dreams” by Don Lipper (SN&R News, November 20):

Do you hear that? Listen closely. “I can’t hear anything,” you say. That’s because the world’s smallest violin would not even muster up enough sympathy for the Lighthouse Golf Course to play a somber melody.

“But what about the kids?”—a concern noted in the article. Whose kids? Do these kids even live in West Sacramento? Would these kids be so distraught by the loss of a golf course? Surely, their tears could be spared by the 59 remaining golf courses near Sacramento.

The arguments for saving the Lighthouse Golf Course were anything but up to par. The reasons for keeping said golf course open read more as senseless whining than anything resembling reason. But what about Izzo the cat? Surely, this argument was meant to mock those in favor of keeping the aforementioned golf course open.

And what about those hookers? Women of depravity. Women who have sunk so low in society’s moral outlook that a golf course is valued of much greater importance than the social ills that have brought these women to the brink of despair. Surely, the article referred to the hookers to give it some pep, to get the readers’ attention and perhaps earn a self-righteous smirk. I assure you, those who are selling their self-respect for crack are doing anything but smirking in West Sacramento.

Arthur Wood

Who needs the GOP when we’ve got the Greens?

Re “Moderates, beware!” (SN&R Letters, November 27):

Reading of the Green Party’s plans to oppose Congressman Bob Matsui confirms my suspicions that the Greens are mostly about getting political power at the expense of Democrats.

I hear nary a word from the Greens about the fund-raising excesses of the Bush administration; its incessant war on the environment; an energy bill with billions in tax breaks for corporations; tax cuts mostly for the rich; a costly, diversionary war; historic budget deficits; or a prescription drug bill written to pay back corporate prescription-drug campaign contributors, but the Greens have plenty of energy for criticizing progressive Democrats.

The unwitting Greens are a tool of the GOP.

Bill Collins

Know your tattoos

Re “Let body art be art embodied” (SN&R Guest Comment, November 26):

I am writing to express my joy at reading Carrie Pavlin’s piece [on tattooing]. It was so nice to see this perspective, and what I believe to be truth, put into print. The essay was fresh, concise, witty and informative.

After all, tattoos are such a trend nowadays (especially in Sacramento) that I’m glad that readers can be more informed of the pros and cons of who/what/where/how to get them done, hopefully without regretting them. I would love to see more of Pavlin’s writing in the future.

Gretchen Gibbons

Call it “greed”

Re “Call it ‘corporateering’” (SN&R Guest Comment, November 13):

I read with interest Jamie Court’s guest commentary. It’s nice to see some creativity in making up new words.

Even though he states that there is no word in the dictionary to describe what corporations are doing, I feel that there is at least one word in the dictionary that can be expanded to include any new corporate tricks. In my dictionary, in the “G” section, is the word “greed.”

Some people say greed is good. After considerable thought, I’ve come to realize that greed is an addiction. Are addictions good?

James Logan

Pledge to grow up

Re “Dump the pledge” by Kel Munger (SN&R Essay, November 6):

Hey, all you clear thinkers out there, I had a thought: How about when we recite the pledge, we just put whatever word in we want? “God,” “Yahweh,” “Mohammed,” “Chuckie Cheese,” “E.T.” or, hey, just don’t say anything.

Same thing with prayer in the schools. How about we just declare a national 30-second “moment of silence” so we can all give our thanks to whoever or whatever we want—or use the time to finish balancing our checkbooks or doing homework.

Please don’t tell me there is someone out there opposed to just keeping our yaps shut so we can all have some peace and quiet. These issues are not worth the constant debate. I find it hard to believe people even waste time arguing over something so petty.

Oh, and by the way, to all religions and belief systems out there, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc., who think their “God” is the best, I just want you to know my God was here first, and he says, “Grow up!”

Louis Warfield


In “Queer face for the straight race” by Jeff Kearns (SN&R News, November 20), he stated that “Sacramento has never elected a gay leader.” Though no openly gay person has been elected to a city office, Gary Miller, an openly gay man, serves on the Robla Elementary School District board. Miller was elected to that position in 1987.

Also, SN&R did not identify the subjects on the cover of the November 26 issue. They were Mary Falconer and Michael McCleary, actors from Abandon’s Nutcracker, a holiday spoof put on by Abandon Productions.