Laura Love

Welcome to Pagan Place

If you missed Laura Love’s recent gig at The Palms, there’s no reason to despair. The bass-playing but otherwise hard-to-describe Love’s newest album is certainly worth hitting the replay button a few times. The music is sort of folk, sort of country, sort of rock, definitely funky—just plain delightful. Love describes Welcome to Pagan Place as a more “overtly political” album, and when she sings, “'We can solve this problem with just one bullet’ / Well you better hope that they don’t think that, too,” in “I Want You Gone,” it’s easy to believe her. She leaves no doubt about what she thinks of the current administration, but her politics are pretty domestic, as well: “Can I Get a Wet Nurse?” takes on the joys of motherhood. This is such a lovely fusion of funky rhythms and bluesy-folky vocals that the solidly left politics are the icing on the cake.