Land of the Lost

Rated 3.0

Director Brad Silberling’s Land of the Lost isn’t nearly as wretched as its 26 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes would suggest. Worse than Dead Man’s Chest? Come on, Critical Establishment! It’s based on the old kiddie-psychedelic Sid and Marty Krofft program, but that show’s cheapo effects have been replaced by $100 million digital effects that perfectly mimic the original cheapo effects. Progress! Will Ferrell may have worn out his welcome with ticket buyers, but along with co-star Danny McBride, he provides a steady stream of chuckles as an obsessed doctor who finds a portal to an anything-can-happen alternative universe. The only real problem with Land of the Lost is that it’s a soulless attempt to cash in on the childhood memories of Gen-Xers that symbolizes everything wrong with movies today. Also, the story could have been stronger.