L5: First City in Space

Rated 1.0 A hundred years in the future, a space station orbiting the earth runs low on water and hatches a plan to import water from a passing comet. IMAX 3-D is wasted on a low-rent sci-fi tale with cheap sets, cheesy special effects and some of the most amateurish acting this side of a junior high school production of Time Out for Ginger. Toni Myers’ script has little action and less dialogue, leaving all the storytelling to the voice-over narration spoken by a bland, expressionless voice named Martha Henry. An IMAX film with a bunch of people staring blankly at each other while a voice from all 44 speakers tells us about something that’s happening on a comet millions of miles away—what in the world were Myers and her co-director Allan Kroeker thinking? This could be the worst IMAX movie ever made.