Knock knock jokes

Delivery: Comedy Fresh To You

Photo by Melissa Uroff

Almost anything is deliverable: Pizza, books, and appliances—now, how about a live comedy show?

Sacramento comedians Keith Lowell Jensen and Johnny Taylor are set to offer just that November 6 and 7.

For just $20, you can get 20 minutes' worth of a full live comedy experience, complete with the two comedians, a stool, microphone and a sound system. The pair will visit nearly anywhere: your living room, in the park, a strange van, just so long as the set can happen within the designated zip codes in and around Midtown. Though they might make an exception if you ask really nice.

Jensen says there's a reason for the ultra cheap price.

“We made it $20 in order to give ourselves less control. For $20, some guy might pay us to come perform for him, and him only,” Jensen says. “He might decide he wants to heckle us for 20 minutes, and pay $20 for that.”

Jensen and Taylor say they like finding new, offbeat ways to present their not-quite-mainstream jokes. Jensen's last comedy special, Atheist Christmas, covered his complex relationship with Christmas, and Taylor's 2014 debut album, Tangled Up In Plaid, discussed topics such as accidentally finding his mom's sex toys as a kid. Advance reservations required; call (470) 839-5653. Learn more at or