K.J. emails connect the dots to National Conference of Black Mayors coup

Sacramento mayor forced to turn over emails after losing court battle to SN&R

More than 16 months after SN&R filed a public records request and just over a year after Mayor Kevin Johnson sued SN&R and the city of Sacramento to block their release, 70 emails and documents were finally released to this paper on Monday.

The move came 10 days after a judge ruled the documents were not protected by attorney-client privilege and must be released.

The emails between Johnson, city staff and others detail the mayor’s attempt to force out leaders of the National Conference of Black Mayors and date as far back as June 2013. Some of the information remains redacted, pursuant to the court order.

Many of the emails were sent using Johnson’s OMKJ (for “Office of Kevin Johnson”) Gmail account. They connect the dots on the mayor’s attempt to take over the NCBM and include some messages and documents directly from the NCBM.

One document, dated July 8, 2013, for example, was sent to the judge in a dispute between the NCBM and Johnson. The letter, on NCBM letterhead, represented “the majority of the Board of Directors for the National Conference of Black Mayors” and contested Johnson’s claim that he had been properly elected as president of that organization:

“Despite failing to meet certain requirements such as the proper formation of a Nominating Committee, holding a secret vote, and ensuring that all voting parties were members in good standing, Mayor Johnson claimed he was properly elected. This is not true.

Meanwhile, a September 13 email from Johnson to the email address “ncbmlitigation@gmail.com” detailed the mayor’s attempt to oust NCBM Executive Director Vanessa Williams. “We are cautiously optimistic that there will be an agreed upon settlement in the near future,” Johnson wrote, in regards to William’s “possible … resignation.”

Read the entirety of the emails and documents here.