Kissing Jessica Stein

Rated 3.0 A single woman (Jennifer Westfeldt), heterosexual but exasperated by the dating scene, answers a women-seeking-women ad and meets a bisexual art dealer (Heather Juergensen) whom she finds fun and likeable—but sexually attractive … ? This will-they-or-won’t-they romantic comedy, written by Westfeldt and Juergensen and directed with bland urbanity by Charles Herman-Wurmfeld, cannily straddles the fence between gay-lib and all-she-needs-is-a-good-man-she-can-be-friends-with, trying (with some success) to be all things to all people. Westfeldt and Juergensen write to their own strengths and it helps that they are so appealing, both individually and as a pair—although Westfeldt’s resemblance to both Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow makes the film feel sometimes like an extended episode of Friends.