Kind of fishy

Illustration by Mark Stivers

No more grease: Green Fish Co. & Juice softly opened last week, and it does indeed specialize in fish and juice.

The health-focused eatery is actually from the same folks behind Slice of Broadway (2424 16th Street), which closed in December 2015. The new concept swaps out pizza for tilapia wraps and the dark red-and-black interior for a color palette of white, gray and green.

Green Fish serves a lot of build-your-own dishes in the vein of Chipotle. Choose salads, wraps, salad wraps, tacos and plates or sides, with protein options of tri-tip, salmon, shrimp, mahi-mahi, chicken, tilapia and tofu. Expect to spend $6-$11 on a meal.

Then, there’s the juice bar. Green Fish doesn’t offer cold-pressed juice, rather, the fruits and veggies are pressed to order. Again, you can design your own juice (choose up to six ingredients, $4.99 for 16 ounces or $5.99 for 24 ounces) or order a blend, such as the Green Dream (cucumber, celery, kale, lime, ginger, apple) or the Eye Opener (carrot, apple, orange, beet, cucumber, lemon).

One leftover from the place’s pizza days? Green Fish delivers.

Poppin’ off: Consider the Pop Up Truck the anti-food truck. Instead of a deep fryer, Alex Shragg and Matt Brown stock their truck, which launched last month, with fresh, seasonal ingredients and a menu that changes weekly.

It also has a pop-up mentality. Shragg says they plan to highlight different local products—one week, they used Preservation & Co. pickled green beans in ramen, for example—and bring on guest chefs to shake things up.

“It’s a mobile forum for creative expression in the culinary arts,” Shragg says. “We’re all about diversity and not sticking to the traditional food-truck model of buy low, sell high.”

Who are these people? Shragg is an occupational therapist and avid home cook. Brown was most recently with 58 Degrees & Holding Co. The Pop Up Truck is their extra project, and they’re having fun with the food. That means a melting pot of cooking styles. Already, they’ve dished out pork bao, handmade pastas and gumbo.

Find the truck regularly Thursdays through Sundays at Bottle & Barlow (1120 R Street) and Hilltop Tavern (4757 Folsom Boulevard), or follow along at .